Sunbather HiPEC Solar Heating

Manufacturing In Australia For over 25 Years!

Sunbather HiPEC strip collector solves the problem of EPDM rubber falling off roofs and tea-leafing black gunk into your pool causing staining issues.  HiPEC is PVC, it’s thinner, tougher, and 18% lighter than rubber, and that all means a faster thermal response time to get your pool up to temperature.  It’s unique compound also makes it resistant to chlorine attack and it’s guaranteed to never break down.  Sunbather have been making it for over 25 years right here in Australia, and it’s seen as the benchmark for solar pool heating quality.


If it’s good enough for the AIS, it’s good enough for you…


In 1985, the Australian Institute of Sport engaged Sunbather to heat their Olympic pool.  In 2011, Sunbather were again engaged to replace and extend the AIS solar system with the aim of saving them even more on their heating bills as they had a great 26 year experience with the Sunbather product.  That same material that is installed on the AIS, we install on your roof, so you have peace of mind that Sunbather won’t let you down


AIS Rooftop with Solar Pool Heating Close up AIS Pool Heating System

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