Solar Panels

Choosing solar panels can be confusing but it shouldn't be! Quality, good generation and warranty are important.

Choose a solar panel that has a good pedigree. They will have a good track record and have been made with quality components. You want a panel that is going to work the best, absorb the most and perform at its maximum for the longest. Big name brands such as REC, Hyundai, Q Cells and so on are adverse to taking risks and take their warranties very seriously because they run a quality business, producing top quality solar panels.

Solar Panel Question…. What happens when you need to replace one of your solar panels that is still under warranty and the solar company you purchased from is no longer operational? Would you know where to go or who to call? Would you have to pay for another solar panel yourself?

Whoever imports your solar panels into Australia carries the warranty? We only offer panels from long-standing, public companies that are credible to ensure YOUR warranty will always be supported. That’s one less thing you have to worry about when buying a solar energy system from Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast.”

There are many  panels on the market today. Some are very cheap and others very expensive.  They can cost up t0 50% less. However you pay for what you get. Far to often we see systems with failing panels and no manufacturer to back up the warranty because they have either gone under or pulled out of the Australian market.

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