Solar Hot Water Systems Explained

There are four main types of hot water systems

1. Solar Hot Water Systems – The basic rule of thumb is that the bigger the solar collectors – the more efficient the system. This is because there will be more surface area to absorb the sun’s heat energy. The water storage tanks normally range from 250 liters to 400 liters and are available in vitreous enamel, glass-lined and stainless steel.

a) Evacuated Tube Systems – This consists of solar collector(s) on the roof that have multiple glass tubes to adsorb the sun’s heat energy as well as a water storage tank on the ground. These new systems are 30% more efficient than other solar hot water systems. The bigger the water storage tank – the more tubes that will be required to heat the water.

b) Flat Panel Systems – This is the original style of solar hot water units. They can either have the option of having a roof-mounted tank with the collector(s) or a split system which consists of the collector(s) on the roof and the tank on the ground.

2. Heat Pumps – these consist of only a tank on the ground. Although they run on electricity they are very efficient – they use less than a third of the kilowatts (and a third of the cost) used by a normal electric hot water systems. They use the ambient air to heat the water, much like an air conditioner uses the air around it to cool a room. They are easy to install and extremely cost effective. Another advantage of a heat pump is that they will be able to provide hot water for up to 6 people in a household!

Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast specializes in these two types of hot water systems. They are efficient, clean, green hot water systems! 

We recommend Stiebel Eltron which is a heat pump, Apricus which is an evacuated tube system as well as Envirosun flat panel systems.

3. Gas Hot Water


4. Electric Hot Water – both are cheap to install but extremely costly to run for the life of the system. Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast does not sell these types of systems.


Although energy efficient systems are more expensive to install they will pay for themselves within 3 years and save you money in the long run!

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