Swim Longer with Pool Heating

Solar pool heating for extended swimming season or energy efficient heat pump for year round use!

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating is the most popular form of swimming pool heating available, with over 60% of pools in Australia heated this way. The reasons are simple…it’s the cheapest form of pool heating to run and makes use of the sun to heat the pool.

Available in flexible strips or rigid tube.

Flexible Strip Solar Pool Heating


Sunbather flexible strip solar pool heating is the most popular type of solar, occupying over 90% of the Australian market. The newer rigid suntube systems are an alternative used on more ane more roof tops. These are more robust and stand up tp the harsh Australian climate.  With a track record of over 50 years, Sunbather continues to produce top quality pool heating equipment. They have a 15 year warranty to prove it.




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Swimming Pool Heat pumps

Swim all Year Round!

Pool heat pumps have become more and more popular as their efficiencies have improved.  The cost of installing a heat pump VS solar pool heating is very similar. The added benefit is you can get more usage from your pool with a heat pump. You could keep your pool at a comfortable temperature for 12 months of the year if you wanted. This is not possible with solar pool heating.

The other major advantage of a heat pump is, you don’t need to install rubber matting on the roof to heat the pool, you can use the roof space for solar panels instead! If this is done correctly you could cover the cost of heating the pool as well as reducing your power consumption in the house.

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