Five Things You Need to Know About Buying Solar…

solar roof panels
Here are five tips that will help you avoid mistakes when buying solar…

  1.  Cost – you get what you pay for, buy cheap buy twice. A cheap quote is usually cheap for a reason. When comparing quotes, make sure to compare apples with apples – not all solar panels and inverters are equals.
  2. What components are used – good quality solar panels, inverters and installations are critical. Installing good quality components will ensure the system lasts 20 – 30 years and produces well. Bad quality could jeopardize your home.
  3. What size system do I need – get a system tailored to your electricity usage. In order to get a good return on investment it is better to install a system that will cover your electricity usage, no more no less.
  4. Savings – get an idea what savings would be involved. Know what to expect from the solar system you are thinking of installing.
  5. Shop local – get an obligation free on-site quote and go through where panels and inverters will be installed before installation day. Support local business and get local, personal service.

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