Feed In Tariffs

When you install a solar power system you start generating your own power, which is only connected to your peak tariff (tariff 11). This power is used in your house first and the left over (or excess power) is put back in to the grid. You will then get paid for any power you export to the grid by your energy retailer and this is called a feed in tariff.

Currently. the feed in tariff is only paid by your electricity retailer who offer between 6c – 12c. Therefore, the idea is to use as much of the power you generate during the day as you can – this means you reduce the amount of expensive power your draw from the grid.

When Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast installs your new solar power system, we can advise you on how best to arrange your electricity tariffs depending on your situation and usage. Our installation team can rewire your tariffs on the day of installation as well.

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