30kW Hybrid Solar System

Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast has successfully completed a 30kW hybrid solar system in Rocksberg, Queensland.

30kW Hybrid Solar System

This solar system is an AC coupled, hybrid system which means it  will supply constant, reliable sources of energy and will use electricity from the grid as a back-up only when necessary. The power management system (SP Pro GO inverter charger) will control the flow of energy for normal use and charge the batteries for use when the sun is not shining. It also ensures no power is exported to the grid as this has been designed as a ‘zero to the grid’ system.

This system has 116 REC 260W solar panels. 3 SP Pro GO 20kW inverter/chargers, 6 KACO 5kW  inverters and 60 BAE 1280amp batteries.

A large, modern style home is being built on the property so the solar system was designed to cope with the energy demands of a new home such as this with all state of the art appliances and luxuries included.

The solar panels were installed on a shed on the property on the north facing roof – split into four equal rows of 29 panels each. Inside the shed, one corner was walled off to create two small rooms. The back room – the smaller of the two rooms – houses the sub-board and significant amounts of wiring. The front room – the larger of the two – contains the 6 KACO inverters, 3 inverter chargers and houses the batteries that can supply 153kW/hrs of reserve power.

The batteries are installed on a 3.5m x 1m powder-coated, steel frame that is capable of supporting the 4.5 tonnes of sealed gel batteries.

Here at Evolution Solar, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and producing neat and tidy workmanship. Creating a separate room to house all the batteries and inverters and taking the time to wire it up neatly makes it look professional and seamless.

In order for the application to be accepted by Energex, a comprehensive line drawing had to be submitted. It had to show specifics such as inverter and battery placements, fuses, solar panels connected to specific inverters, electric current details as well as accreditation details and more.

Initially, an application was put forward to Energex for a 30kW grid connect system and the application was denied. The solution was to make the system a hybrid system and not export excess power into the grid. In today’s market place solar power is becoming more and more popular, so popular in fact that in some cases it has caused the electricity companies to say ‘no more.’ Due to technical constraints the utilities simply cannot always accept your solar feeding into their network, but this doesn’t have to stop you from installing solar power.

Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast are at the leading edge of power solutions, and along with some of the very clever new products on the market, have engineered a solution to allow this home to “Self Consume” all of it’s 30kW Solar System and not feed any to the grid.

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Check out photos of the installation as it progressed…

Railing Railing 2 Completed Railing First row of solar panels installed Solar Panels Installed - Progress Solar Panels Installed - Progress 2 Inverter/Battery Storage Room 2 Inverter/ Battery Storage Room Wiring beginning Pre-wiring KACO Inverters being Installed Inverters being Installed SP Pro GO's Installed SP Pro's Working Batteries Installed Inverters and Batteries Installed Inverters and Batteries Installed 2 Solar Panels Completed Solar Panels Completed 2