Solar Inverters

A solar power inverter is the heart of every solar system.

It is responsible for changing DC power from the solar panels into usable AC power. The more efficient the inverter, the more usable power it will create with less wastage. This is one of the reasons why it is important to buy a quality solar inverter.

Are you shopping for price or a quality solar inverter? The technology in all inverters can be very similar. So why the price difference??? Some companies will build a solar inverter to compete in the market on price so they use cheaper electrical components to help drive costs down. Those that use quality electrical components are building solar inverters that offer longevity.

Types of Inverters

String Solar Inverters Compared to Micro Inverters or DC Optimisers

String solar inverters are the most common and the most popular solar power inverters. This means that the solar panels are joined together to form a line or a ‘string’ and that string then plugs into the solar inverter where the DC power is then converted into AC power. For most houses, they offer good efficiency and provide the maximum output. However, because the solar panels are connected, the inverter picks up the efficiency of the lowest performing solar panel in each string or row.

Micro or DC optimisers are the inverters of the future. Unlike the string inverters, it makes it possible to read each panel individually, so each panel is operating at its maximum all the time. However there can be a vast cost difference between a quality string inverter and a micro inverter. For the average roof, a quality string inverter works perfectly. If there are any shading or design issues a micro inverter or DC optimiser is a must. The increase in generation warrants the extra cost of the inverter and makes it worthwhile.


A quality, efficient solar inverter can increase the amount of money you save on your electricity bill every quarter. Take care in choosing your solar inverter today and save money tomorrow! Talk to the Sunshine Coast Solar Power Guru’s and find out why the inverter is the heart of every solar power system. They can talk you through the solar inverters on the market today and give you the advantages and disadvantages to them all. This will help you make an informed decision.


Did you know….

In the market today, 40% of the world’s solar power inverters are manufactured by two companies.

1. SMA Australia (Or Sunny Boy). These are German made solar power inverters.

2. Power-One Aurora. These are American made solar power inverters with their head office in California and factories in Arizona and Italy.

They both have registered offices in Australia and are excellent at backing up their warranties which are very seldom required because of the standard that they are manufactured at.

The reason why these two companies own so much of the market is because THEY ARE THE BEST!

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