Small Power-OnePower-One, the world’s second largest solar inverter manufacturer, is now working with quality Chinese solar panel manufacturer, Daqo, in an agreement that will benefit both parties equally. Daqo will secure the supply of multiple products to Power-One while also helping Power-One increase its sales and services within China before its predicted solar boom.

Circular orange and blue logo with 'Daqo New Energy Corp.' written in bold blue underneathAccording to Energy Matters, Power-One’s President of Renewable Energy Solutions, Dr. Alexander Levran, signed an agreement with Daqo for the supply of some components for Power-One inverters and peripherals and to assist Power-One in winning new business in China. Daqo will provide Power-One with PV combiner boxes and DC distribution boxes for use with Power-One’s inverters; plus components such as circuit breakers. Additionally, Daqo will provide agency and sales services for Power-one products in China.

Power-One inverters are widely known and used in Australia today. They are the world’s second largest solar inverter manufacturer and have been supplying top quality inverters around the world for decades. They employ over 3000 people and have sales of around a billion globally each year. They have reportedly sold to ABB for the cool price of $1 billion. Once the sale has completed, the deal with Daqo will be re-evaluated and presumably re-signed. Power-One has a reputation for longevity and quality. Their solar products are built with quality components and made to last. With high efficiencies and a wide variety of products, they will have a top class product to suit any situation.

Daqo New Energy Corporation may have only just been introduced into Australia in recent years but the company, Daqo Group, have been in the industry for around 40 years. With leading polysilicon manufacturing plants in China, the company produce PV modules with a great pedigree and are building a quality name for themselves around the world. Their factories produce a variety of products including 9N polysilicon, wafers, solar cells as well as finished modules. Daqo is definitely a company to watch and they build from strength to strength.

With two such reputable companies joining forcing to help each other, the alliance is bound to take both to new heights and new successes in the years to come. Watch this space!