REC Solar are now one of the only panel manufacturers in the world that guarantee that their solar panels are 100% PID free in all climate conditions. REC solar panels have passed (and exceeded) independent, intense PID, LID  and degradation testing.

The testing was done by the Solar Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). Two REC panels as well as panels from other Tier 1 Chinese competitors were all put through the same tests. Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) test the panels’ ability to perform under serious light conditions and weather conditions respectively.

LID Test Results



All the panels tested were polycrystalline panels between 245Ws and 255Ws that are current models, randomly selected. They underwent LID testing first followed by PID testing. REC solar panels came out with the best results out of all the panels tested in LID with 1.7% and 1.8% power loss in the flash testing. The LID testing was carried out over 12 days with actual radiation of 40kWh/m². Most other competing panels lost between 3.2% and 4.9% of power production.


PID Test Results




PID is a voltage-driven leak of current between the solar cells and the front glass. It alters the solar panels performance and severely affects the longevity of the panel. The PID testing was carried out over 96 hours at 60°C and 85% humidity with a negative voltage of 1000V. REC solar panels experienced no PID degradation while some competitors lost over 50% of its power output.




“While many solar companies have claimed that some of their panels do not have PID issues under certain conditions, REC guarantees that each and every one of our panels coming is 100 per cent PID-free in all climate conditions,” said Cemil Seber, Director of Product Marketing and Global Expansion for REC. “The test results from SERIS, as well as real-world field data, confirm that REC panels can be counted on for high-performance output over the life of the system.”

REC has also just revealed their new PID-free TwinPeak Series solar panel. Stay tuned for more on that to come.





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