Labor Announces Renewable Energy Funding

So far, not much has been said in the election campaign with regards to renewable energy. The ALP announced today that it will pledge $100 million into community renewable energy projects focusing on rentals, public housing, aged care and apartments.

Labor leader Bill Shortens pledge will go towards setting up 10 community power hubs – these will allow people in rentals (and other housing that may not allow them access to renewable energy) the chance to take control of their power bills and produce more clean energy instead of using ‘dirty energy.’

“Every Australian deserves the chance to benefit from the rise of renewable energy, wherever they live,” Mr Shorten said. “Renewable energy is putting millions of households and tens of thousands of small businesses back in control of their power bills.”

Research into community renewables by Marsden Jacobs and Associates says that it could pull $17 of community funding for every $1 of government funding.

The $98.7 million will go towards the following:-

·       Solar gardens or shared arrays of panels renters

·       Retrofitting of existing social housing to promote energy efficiency

·       Community wind farms

·       Working with social housing and aged care providers on solar rooftop installations.

Over all, the ALP is aiming for 50% of Australia’s power needs to come from renewable sources by 2030, net zero carbon pollution by 2050 and 45% reduction in emissions on 2005 levels by 2030.

They have yet to clarify exactly how they are going to achieve those goals but they have said that they will provide greater certainty, flexibility and funding to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and to ARENA.

The Labor Party has also said, “A strong renewable energy sector will be at the centre of Labor’s response  to the challenges of climate change,” states a policy document.