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Australia Boast Over 2.5 Million Small Renewable Energy Systems


The Clean Energy Regulator has released new information showing that Australia now has 2,511,094 small scale renewable energy systems producing clean energy as at 1st May 2016. Overall the main source has been solar PV systems with Queensland leading the charge.

That figure consists of the following…

Solar PV Systems – 1,537,086
Hot Water Systems – 973,587
Wind Systems – 403
Hydro Systems – 18

It is no surprise that solar power is leading the charge as a result of falling installation prices, ease of installation and (at one point) decent rebates being offered. Wind power in residential small scale scenarios presents some barriers as does hydro systems. The hot water systems installed also included air sourced heat pumps which are a great alternative to solar hot water systems.

Not surprisingly as well – Queensland has the highest number of solar energy systems installed. The solar system breakdown looks as follows…

Queensland – 473,257
New South Wales – 333,450
Victoria – 284,355
Western Australia – 201,280
South Australia – 195,718
Tasmania – 26,862
Australian Capital Territory – 16,716
Northern Territory -5,448
Similarly with hot water systems, Queensland and New South Wales are in front – this time with NSW in front by a nose.

New South Wales – 255,027
Queensland – 249,514
Victoria – 223,598
Western Australia – 152,892
South Australia – 54,896
Northern Territory – 16,913
Tasmania – 11,149
Australian Capital Territory – 9,598

The uptake of solar and renewable energies in general has fallen in recent years – not because of the peoples need or desire of them has fallen but mainly due to the lack of political support. Investors have also fallen with Australia not looking as attractive as it once was. In spite of this it clear to see what we have achieved and to feel proud of our 2.5 million plus systems producing cleaner, greener power.

Installations by postcode can be downloaded from the Clean Energy Regulator Website.