Bouygues Construction LogoSolarEdge has announced that its power optimisers have been used in a 2.5MW installation at the Chanllenger PV Facility, Bouygues Construction head offices in Versailles, France.

The solar farm consist of 12 180 SolarEdge power optimisers, 202 SolarEdge inverters and 6 SolarEdge firefighter gateways. It uses a total of 25 000m² – ground mounted as well as roof mounted solar PV modules. It will produce around 2 500MWhrs each year.

Bouygues Construction chose SolarEdge because the power optimiser’s technology will increase their energy yield by 20%. They also installed the firefighter gateways so that they system can be immediately stopped if need be as well as decreasing voltages to safe levels. This can be done manually through an emergency stop button or automatically through a Fire Alarm Control Panel System.

“Bouygues Construction was looking, on the one hand, for technology that would make PV installation safe by allowing the immediate shutdown of energy production on demand, and on the other hand, technology that would simplify maintenance by allowing a faulty PV module to be easily pinpointed. This is the reason we chose SolarEdge power optimizers. In addition, SolarEdge technology increases our installation’s yield” stated Phillippe Metgès, Director of the Center for General Affairs at Bouygues S.A.

“SolarEdge technology is becoming a standard feature in commercial systems because it improves the bottom line of large projects,” stated Lior Handelsman, VP Marketing & Product Strategy SolarEdge. “Being selected by Bouygues Construction, a leader in its field, demonstrates the growing trend to use module-level optimization in large PV systems in order to protect these significant investments.”

SolarEdge leads the power optimiser market claiming about 70% of the segment. They have shipped over 3 million units to around 50 different countries.