Yellow sun with three sun rays coming off the bottom right corner with the letters REC in black, bold to the rightHere at Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast, we have loved and used REC solar panels for many years. Now we see the company soaring and reaching new heights all the time. Their quality and performance are unmatched in the market today. Germany and Romania are the latest countries to jump on board the REC solar train, installing large solar farms and new power plants.

REC, Renewable Energy Corporation ASA, was established in 1996 and now employs 2300 people globally and generates USD $1.3 billion. The company has gone from strength to strength and produces high quality solar panels for commercial and residential installations around the world. With highly automated factories, they have complete control over the quality of products used in the production of their solar panels therefore ensuring the highest standard of each and every solar panel produced.

The German state of Baden-Wurttemberg has just opened their largest solar farm with over 31 000 REC Peak Energy Series Solar Panels. This solar farm is expected to power 2 245 homes – roughly 70% of the town’s power consumption. The 7.8 MW installation covers 14 hectares of land and was officially opened on the 22nd February this year.

This week REC has announced that they have secured the project rights to an 8 MW solar park in the North of Bucharest, Romania. Construction began at the end of January 2013. Romania still has quite a stable incentive program which works in a similar way to how our incentives here in Australia used to work. “Green certificates” are awards for energy that is fed back into the electricity grid over a 15 year deeming period. Solar operators will then receive between EUR 27 per MWh and EUR 55 per MWh. REC is not only providing their quality solar panels but they are also providing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Covering 13.5 hectares the power plant is expected to yield a minimum of 1 300 kWh/kWp.


According to Energy Matters, REC has also announced that their Peak Energy Series solar panels will soon be produced with a new junction box. The panels will now be using multi-Contact MC4 original connectors and REC has discontinued panels with Radox twist-lock connectors.