By Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast

Global engineering consultancies Black and Veatch and Mott Macdonald have carried out performance and bankability studies on REC‘s state of the art manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Black & Veatch (US)

Black & Veatch (BV) is a US engineering, consulting and construction company. They performed a technical report on REC’s Peak Energy modules as well as a review of the manufacturing process in Singapore. The audit was carried out by a team of solar professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in the solar industry.

They looked at factors affecting the modules durability in the real world and the ability of REC to deliver. They assessed areas such as design of panels, quality of material used in the manufacture of modules, field performance and environmental tests, quality control and compared REC modules with other similar modules available today.

Some of the (BV) conclusions include;

• The design of the modules are similar or better than the designs of other crystalline silicone PV modules.

• The facility where the modules are produced uses state of the art equipment and is highly automated.

• REC offers warranty terms that are more attractive than those of other module manufacturers.

• The automated inspection of each and every module produced is an industry best practice.

These are just a few of the conclusions Black & Veatch came up with.

Mott MacDonald (UK)

Mott MacDonald (MM) in the UK conducted a technical study on the REC Peak Energy Series panels.

They reviewed panel specifications, warranties, certifications, track records, cell and panel manufacturing process, quality plan, procurement, maintenance and logistics, and compared this with other module manufacturers.

Some of the (MM) conclusions include:

• The facility is well managed, clean and highly organized.

• The use of a highly automated plant has a distinct advantage over factories that rely more on manual labor production methods.

• REC panels easily match up to the higher class poly-crystalline modules that are produced by top tier manufacturers.

• REC’s strict quality control and attention to detail means that the cells and modules produced will be very reliable.

These are just a few of the conclusions that Mott MacDonald came up with.


In short these audits have found REC manufacturing plants to be of the highest quality in the industry, producing modules that compete with the best in the industry. These reports have been successfully used to land debt financing and REC bankability status with Megasolar project lenders in areas such as North America and Asia Pacific.

This is one of the many reasons we at Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast trust and use REC Peak Energy Series modules. We believe in using a quality product that will last and perform at its best. We are confident that REC will be around for many decades to come.