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REC Increases Warranty on Solar Panels

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REC Extends Warranty on Solar Panels

Solar panel giant, REC Solar, has announced that it is extending its product warranty on its solar panels from 10 years to 12 years at no additional cost.

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REC Guarantees its Solar Panels

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REC Solar are now one of the only panel manufacturers in the world that guarantee that their solar panels are 100% PID free in all climate conditions. REC solar panels have passed (and exceeded) independent, intense PID, LID  and degradation testing.

The testing was done by the Solar Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). Two REC panels as well as panels from other Tier 1 Chinese competitors were all put through the same tests. Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) test the panels’ ability to perform under serious light conditions and weather conditions respectively.

LID Test Results



All the panels tested were polycrystalline panels between 245Ws and 255Ws that are current models, randomly selected. They underwent LID testing first followed by PID testing. REC solar panels came out with the best results out of all the panels tested in LID with 1.7% and 1.8% power loss in the flash testing. The LID testing was carried out over 12 days with actual radiation of 40kWh/m². Most other competing panels lost between 3.2% and 4.9% of power production.


PID Test Results




PID is a voltage-driven leak of current between the solar cells and the front glass. It alters the solar panels performance and severely affects the longevity of the panel. The PID testing was carried out over 96 hours at 60°C and 85% humidity with a negative voltage of 1000V. REC solar panels experienced no PID degradation while some competitors lost over 50% of its power output.




“While many solar companies have claimed that some of their panels do not have PID issues under certain conditions, REC guarantees that each and every one of our panels coming is 100 per cent PID-free in all climate conditions,” said Cemil Seber, Director of Product Marketing and Global Expansion for REC. “The test results from SERIS, as well as real-world field data, confirm that REC panels can be counted on for high-performance output over the life of the system.”

REC has also just revealed their new PID-free TwinPeak Series solar panel. Stay tuned for more on that to come.





REC Signs 300MW Deal

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Yellow sun with three sun rays coming off the bottom right corner with the letters REC in black, bold to the right

REC Solar has recently signed two deals with Recurrent Energy for a total of 300MW’s worth of photovoltaic solar panels.

Recurrent Energy is a North American solar developer who plans to use the solar panels in utility scale developments in California. The REC Peak Energy 72 Series solar panels will be delivered from Q1 2015 to Q2 2016 at a fixed price.

According to IHS, the utility scale sector in the US is expected to be 4.1GW’s in 2015. Large scale solar accounts for the biggest portion of solar power installed in the States.

“With our successful push into the U.S. market, we have been able to build up an order book that significantly exceeds our 300 MW panel manufacturing expansion in 2015. Our expanded order book will allow for greater planning visibility and assist in further stabilizing our financial performance. With our new 72-cell product, we are seizing opportunities in the U.S. large commercial and utility markets and are demonstrating significant growth in line with our expectations,” said Martin Cooper, CEO of REC Group.

According to their press release, REC has over the past months signed agreements of 685 MW for the U.S. residential, commercial and utility-scale segments of which ~532 MW is expected to be delivered in 2015. This represents 44% of REC’s expected 1.2 GW production next year.

The company has also released its Q3 2014 results showing module production of 248MWs (up7.1% from the previous quarter) and revenue of $149.1 million (down 9.3% from the previous quarter). With 255MW’s expected in Q4, REC is looking at a 950MW of production in 2014 which is close to full capacity. REC’s furnace upgrade and module expansion is progressing as expected and they hope that it will help them to increase their capacity and continue cutting to cost of solar power.

“We are confident that we will be able to continue to reduce costs and develop our product offering over the coming years and retain our competitiveness,” said Mr. Cooper.





Choosing Which Solar Products to Buy

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Solar Power is a long term investment so the products you choose are important. Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast recommends and sells the following products:-

Solar Panels

REC Solar

  • Undoubtedly have one of the most modern solar panel manufacturing plants in the world.
  • Have been rated by Photon in Europe as the best panel in the world.
  • One of the only solar manufacturers to guarantee no loss of power from PID in any climate conditions.
  • Come out on top in independent LID testing (reduced power output from high light conditions).
  • Has a white backsheet allowing for absorption of reflected sun.


  • Floated on the NY stock exchange in 2006.
  • Has around 7.5GW’s of solar panels shipped worldwide.
  • Has a modern, highly automated manufacturing plant.
  • Passed all PID and LID (degradation and loss of power output due to the elements) with flying colours.

Both REC and Trina are both

  • Tier One manufactured
  • Imported into Australia by Energy Matters, a large country wide company, owned by American organisation SunEdison.
  • Proven quality and reliability


  • Founded in 2002 and launched on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.
  • Is a dynamic, fast growing solar company that is known all over the world.
  • High quality control with automated factories in China, German and Hong Kong.
  • Was the first Chinese manufacturer that promised positive tolerances for its modules.



SMA Sunny Boy

  • German manufactured since early 1980’s.
  • Employ over 2500 in their R & D department
  • Proven quality and reliability

ABB Aurora

  • Started in early 1970’s
  • Owned by ABB – a huge multi-national company – with turnover in excess of 20 billion per annum
  • Italian manufactured

Between SMA and ABB

  • They manufacture over 40% of the world’s inverters.
  • They have a proven track record of quality and reliability.
  • They have an Australian office backing up their warranty


  • Named 2nd in the world for global shipments behind only SMA – they have nearly 4GW’s of yearly shipments.
  • Over 30% of their employees are devoted to R&D ensuring continual growth and development.
  • Floated on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.


  • Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast only use one team – Peter Hinz our electrician and Dene Adcock – who have been working together for many years and do a good job.
  • Use quality railing with a 10 year warranty.
  • We are a local solar company – back-up service is important to us all.


REC Flourishing in the US Solar Market

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REC Solar introduced its 72 cell solar module in July especially designed for the US market and it is already achieving huge success with multiple contracts signed to deliver solar panels to increasing US solar market.

After already doubling its US orders in the last 12 months, REC is excelling with its new modules. A 100MW deal has been signed with US residential solar company, Sunrun. Sunrun have said that they believe REC solar panels to be “one of the best rooftop solar products available.”

Yellow sun with three sun rays coming off the bottom right corner with the letters REC in black, bold to the right“The U.S. will be an increasingly important market for REC,” said Martin Cooper, CEO of REC. “With a combination of our flexibility to selectively dispatch our products across our global market network and ability to develop a new 72-cell production capacity, we have been able to quickly position ourselves well to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Another 85MW deal has been signed with an unnamed US engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company for module delivery between July 2015 and February 2016 and will be used for utility-scale installations.

“REC has already doubled its U.S. order intake over the past 12 months, thanks to the recent big wins with residential leaders SolarCity and Sunrun,” said REC Group CEO Martin Cooper. “With our new 72-cell product, we are seizing opportunities in the U.S. large commercial and utility markets and are demonstrating significant growth in line with our expectations.”

Utility-scale installations account for the majority of the US market. GTM Research has predicted that the US market will install 3GWs of new installations in 2014 and increase to around 6GWs by 2016. Large amounts of growth are expected in Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

“Signing these substantial agreements less than two months after the announcement of REC’s 72-cell, 1,000-volt panel offering confirms the strong demand for our high-quality, duty-free products in all market segments from residential to utility scale,” said Arndt E. Lutz, REC Group’s senior VP, North America & Carribbean. “Based on our discussions with several large EPC firms and developers in the U.S., we believe that our order pipeline in the U.S. will continue to increase”