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Weather Delays Solar Planes Journey around the Globe

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Solar Impulse 2 Take off From Oman

Solar Impulse 2 has begun its circumnavigation around the world. The journey began on the 9th of March when the solar powered plane left Abu Dhabi – it will be the first round-the-world flight in a plane powered only by solar energy.

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Choosing Which Solar Products to Buy

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Solar Power is a long term investment so the products you choose are important. Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast recommends and sells the following products:-

Solar Panels

REC Solar

  • Undoubtedly have one of the most modern solar panel manufacturing plants in the world.
  • Have been rated by Photon in Europe as the best panel in the world.
  • One of the only solar manufacturers to guarantee no loss of power from PID in any climate conditions.
  • Come out on top in independent LID testing (reduced power output from high light conditions).
  • Has a white backsheet allowing for absorption of reflected sun.


  • Floated on the NY stock exchange in 2006.
  • Has around 7.5GW’s of solar panels shipped worldwide.
  • Has a modern, highly automated manufacturing plant.
  • Passed all PID and LID (degradation and loss of power output due to the elements) with flying colours.

Both REC and Trina are both

  • Tier One manufactured
  • Imported into Australia by Energy Matters, a large country wide company, owned by American organisation SunEdison.
  • Proven quality and reliability


  • Founded in 2002 and launched on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.
  • Is a dynamic, fast growing solar company that is known all over the world.
  • High quality control with automated factories in China, German and Hong Kong.
  • Was the first Chinese manufacturer that promised positive tolerances for its modules.



SMA Sunny Boy

  • German manufactured since early 1980’s.
  • Employ over 2500 in their R & D department
  • Proven quality and reliability

ABB Aurora

  • Started in early 1970’s
  • Owned by ABB – a huge multi-national company – with turnover in excess of 20 billion per annum
  • Italian manufactured

Between SMA and ABB

  • They manufacture over 40% of the world’s inverters.
  • They have a proven track record of quality and reliability.
  • They have an Australian office backing up their warranty


  • Named 2nd in the world for global shipments behind only SMA – they have nearly 4GW’s of yearly shipments.
  • Over 30% of their employees are devoted to R&D ensuring continual growth and development.
  • Floated on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.


  • Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast only use one team – Peter Hinz our electrician and Dene Adcock – who have been working together for many years and do a good job.
  • Use quality railing with a 10 year warranty.
  • We are a local solar company – back-up service is important to us all.


ABB and BYD Join Forces for Energy Storage

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The internationally recognised ABB (Swiss) and BYD (Chinese) engineering companies have joined forces to develop new technologies in energy storage for solar power, vehicle charging and even marine applications.

The two companies have collaborated on an electric vehicle previously and both look forward to this new project and eventual success. The DENZA electric vehicle they worked on together has an all electric range of 300kms and a top speed of 150km/h.

ABB chief executive Ulrich Spiesshofer said: “We are pleased to build on our achieved joint success and broaden our excellent cooperation with BYD. This next step will bring closer together two leading companies with highly complementary expertise and market access for electric energy storage. With this next step in our successful partnership, we live our promise: ‘Power and productivity for a better world’ in utilities, industries, and transport and infrastructure.”

ABB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters and has a remarkable reputation in the power and automation sectors which it has built over the last almost 30 years. They employ around 160 000 people in 100 countries worldwide.

BYD is a China-based manufacturer of automobiles with an impressive reputation and experience with batteries. They too employ a great number of people (around 180 000) and is backed by US investor Warren Buffett.

Two companies with pedigree such as these two, working together could make them a force to be reckoned with. Solar storage is definitely an up and comer. When technology develops and prices drop making it a more feasible option, the uptake is going to skyrocket! Competition is going to be fierce and these companies are going to be heading up the charge.




ABB Develops Breakthrough Cabling and Connects Malaysian Solar Plant

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One of the world’s largest renewable inverter manufacturers, ABB, is surging ahead in the renewable energy industry. They have developed underground cables that can transmit double the power flow making it cheaper to integrate electricity into the grid from distant offshore wind farms. They have also delivered and commissioned Malaysia’s largest solar power plant of 10.25MW’s to their energy grid.

ABB have designed a new high-voltage DC (direct current) cable that can transmit up to 2.6Gw’s of power each – enough to power two million homes or serve the electricity needs of Paris. The underground or undersea cable system will hopefully encourage more offshore renewable investments with less installation costs.

“Germany is installing a lot of offshore wind farms at the moment with a typical capacity of 1 GW. This means for every GW they have to install a separate cable system to the shore,” said Claes Rytoft, ABB’s chief technology officer. “With this technology they have the option to connect two offshore wind farms and only have one cable to the mainland.”

The breakthrough makes it the most powerful subsea connection system in the world.


Malaysia’s largest solar power plant the Amcorp Power Sdn Bhd’s Gemas 10.25MW plant has used ABB’s TRIO three phase inverters to connect to their grid. The solar power plant is around 160kms outside of the capital, Kuala Lumpar, and accounts for approximately 11% of its almost 116MW’s of grid connected solar PV capacity.

In addition, the plant also uses ABB’s Plant Portfolio Manager, which provides a highly interactive dashboard with real-time remote performance monitoring over computer networks (or mobile devices for better) for faster PV plant management.

“Renewable energy, in particular solar, will play an increasingly important role in the energy mix of countries that represent a significant portion of the world’s economic growth for decades to come,” said Pekka Tiitinen, head of ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion division. “ABB’s portfolio of products, including the inverters we’re delivering here along with our service offering, will ensure that Malaysia has access to clean, green power even as the technologies evolve.”

Malaysia is trying to diversify its energy mix with targets to connect 975MWs (or 5.5%) of renewable energy into the grid by 2015 – this target is expected to double.