Oct 29, 2014

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Choosing Which Solar Products to Buy

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Solar Power is a long term investment so the products you choose are important. Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast recommends and sells the following products:-

Solar Panels

REC Solar

  • Undoubtedly have one of the most modern solar panel manufacturing plants in the world.
  • Have been rated by Photon in Europe as the best panel in the world.
  • One of the only solar manufacturers to guarantee no loss of power from PID in any climate conditions.
  • Come out on top in independent LID testing (reduced power output from high light conditions).
  • Has a white backsheet allowing for absorption of reflected sun.


  • Floated on the NY stock exchange in 2006.
  • Has around 7.5GW’s of solar panels shipped worldwide.
  • Has a modern, highly automated manufacturing plant.
  • Passed all PID and LID (degradation and loss of power output due to the elements) with flying colours.

Both REC and Trina are both

  • Tier One manufactured
  • Imported into Australia by Energy Matters, a large country wide company, owned by American organisation SunEdison.
  • Proven quality and reliability


  • Founded in 2002 and launched on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.
  • Is a dynamic, fast growing solar company that is known all over the world.
  • High quality control with automated factories in China, German and Hong Kong.
  • Was the first Chinese manufacturer that promised positive tolerances for its modules.



SMA Sunny Boy

  • German manufactured since early 1980’s.
  • Employ over 2500 in their R & D department
  • Proven quality and reliability

ABB Aurora

  • Started in early 1970’s
  • Owned by ABB – a huge multi-national company – with turnover in excess of 20 billion per annum
  • Italian manufactured

Between SMA and ABB

  • They manufacture over 40% of the world’s inverters.
  • They have a proven track record of quality and reliability.
  • They have an Australian office backing up their warranty


  • Named 2nd in the world for global shipments behind only SMA – they have nearly 4GW’s of yearly shipments.
  • Over 30% of their employees are devoted to R&D ensuring continual growth and development.
  • Floated on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.


  • Evolution Solar Sunshine Coast only use one team – Peter Hinz our electrician and Dene Adcock – who have been working together for many years and do a good job.
  • Use quality railing with a 10 year warranty.
  • We are a local solar company – back-up service is important to us all.


Government Deceit over the RET

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Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Environment Minister Greg Hunt have found themselves caught in a lie but they are sticking to it anyway. Turns out, they did agree to a fixed target of 41 000GWhrs back in 2010.

RenewEconomy have called them “the twiddle-dum and tweedle-dee of the Coalition’s campaign against renewables” and that is probably the nicer of what they have been called lately. Mr Macfarlane and Mr Hunt continue to say that, “We have always been committed to 20 per cent renewables.” They believe they have not cut anything by 40%-60% because they agreed to ‘20% renewables’ which now happens to equal 26 000GWhrs as a result of falling demand (and not 41 000GWhrs as 20% equated to at the time of signing the agreement).

HOWEVER…they have now been caught out…the legislated agreement they gave their support to never once mentioned 20% – it agreed on 41 000GWhrs. The 20% was just a clever marketing ploy to put the fixed amount into perspective for every day Australians who don’t work in gigawatt and terawatt hours.

That being said, there is no way that 41 000 drops to 26 000 and still equals no ‘actual’ cut – Ministers….that equals a drop of 15 000 – a cut of almost 40%.

A RenewEconomy correspondent says, “At the time the legislation was passed in 2010, with bipartisan support, parliamentary speeches by MPs were made stating that 41TWh represented at least 20% of Australia’s electricity supply in 2020. However, this was just a catchy slogan—it does not appear anywhere in the actual legislation.”

“The Minister is correct when he states that he did not sign up for a 27% renewable energy target by 2020; he signed up for 41 TWh of electricity from renewable sources in 2020. It’s there in black & white in the legislation, and he knows it.   He was there as the Coalition’s Shadow Energy Minister when the legislation was passed—with bi-partisan support.”

First they said that the RET was adding too much to people’s electricity bills…and their own modelling proved that in fact it was only adding a few percent at most. Then they argued that the RET was pushing up electricity prices…and their own modelling showed that it was in fact lowering the wholesale price of electricity. Now they are trying to say that by lowering the RET they are not breaking any promises or changing any goal posts because they always only agreed to a ‘20% target’ and not a fixed gigawatt number…now we find out that that is not true either! They are determined to get rid of renewable energy target any cost – even if it means charging us more for our electricity every year and ruining our environment – just so they can get a few more dimes in their own pockets from the coal industry.